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Lagos is one of the best loved and darling regions of Africa that captures the attention of hundreds of people from various corners of the world. Known to be the most vibrant, pulsating and happening destination of this planet it offers a charismatic and magical ambiance that attracts plenty of locals and hundreds of foreigners who just love to capture and enjoy the charm and bewitchment of this flamboyant destination. Lagos is located in the south-western part of Nigeria and occupies the region of more than 3,577 square kilometres and is very popular for being the superb and magnificent metropolis of the country. It is highly appreciated and famous for the jaw dropping and spell-casting islands; the worth-watching ones include Lagos Island, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Iddo and plenty of others. Though the list of such fascinating and enticing spots is very long but some of the most popular and worth-seeing ones are discussed as below.
Victoria Island is the vibrant and the most alluring spot of the city that is genuinely called as ‘a city within a city’. It serves to be the home a wide agglomeration and array of hotels, upscale restaurants, malls, nightclubs and bars. The island is the most exclusive and expensive destination of the city that allows you unlimited opportunities of amusement and fun. Apart from that, it also serves as the focal point and hub of all the main commercial and economical activities. “The bar beach” is the soul of the island,

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