Determining Age Appropriate Play For Children Essay

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Determining Age-appropriate Play For Kids Children and play time are almost inseparable terms. It doesn’t matter how they play or what they’re playing—either a simple game of tag, a session of Call of Duty, or physically-based activities at kids party venues like BOUNCE. Kids love to play, but there’s one thing that parents must realise: not all types of play would fit specific age ranges. Babies and Toddlers If there’s one thing that’s true about baby play times, it’s that they don’t really care about toys this early. They play with people. Babies and toddlers get most of their play time by interacting with adults. It’s because children in their earliest years cherish being able to copy what big people do. Adults aid in strengthening a baby’s linguistic abilities by singing, talking and performing general hands-on play time. By doing so, they help the little one learn that conversation involves a …show more content…

By this age, young ones start to appreciate toys and more complex games, especially ones that make them use their imagination. Activities that expose children to open-ended processes and individual creative expression are vital in their intellectual development. When children reach the ages 6-12 years, they’re becoming much more active. Spending hours in a classroom setting can get them burned out and bored, so it’s important that they get the chance to participate in as much physical activity as they can. Children who are 8-9 year-olds are among the most active of the lot—they like to run, skip, jump and just move around. Let them have their fun as a way of blowing off steam. What About Video Games? Don’t believe what ‘concerned’ parents say about video games –that they’re ‘teaching children to be violent’. There’s a reason video games have an age-appropriate rating system. Should children aged 9 play a game like Grand Theft Auto? NO. That game is for a more mature

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