Mother-By-Step Development Speech

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Are you an anxious mother-to-be? Or are you a new mom with a head full of questions and worries? “Am I doing this right?” or “God, is this normal? “ – I’m sure such thoughts are passing through your head every day. Don’t panic. In this article I have put together everything you need to know to take care of a newborn, so read on and keep calm!
#1 Step-by- Step Development
The moment you step through the door with your newborn baby in your arms, you start to wonder how this so tiny and fragile bundle will turn into a grown-up person. So, let summarize in short what milestones your baby will reach in the first three months of his life and what you as a mother should do to help him/her.

Development stage Baby should do
1 -2 weeks Baby can …show more content…

They are:
a) The classic cradle hold – in this position you cradle your baby’s head in the crook of your elbow. The baby should be lying on her side with her face, stomach, and knees facing you and you should support her neck, spine, and bottom with your arm. This position is more suitable for slightly older babies that can latch easily on the breast.
b) The cross cradle – in this position you lay the baby on its side. Make sure that it’s well-supported and touching you. Use your right arm to support the body and right hand to support the head, if you plan to feed on the left breast. This is a good position for babies having troubles latching on.
c) The side lying or reclining position – it requires you to lie on your feeding breast side with your back supported, while the baby lies on his side with chest against yours. You can cradle the baby’s head with your bottom arm or top arm. This position is good if it’s uncomfortable for you to be sitting

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