Devices While Driving

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We all see the commercials about people that get in a crash and die from using their cellphones while driving. Although most drivers feel that they are to good of drivers and that could never happen to them. Many drivers still do this without thinking of the outcome of this foolish act. Driving and using cellphone or handheld device kills many drivers each day. Some states are making it illegal to using this device while driving. I fully agree with this law and it should be applied in all states in the United States. This law will make driver safer and the road safe too. Although many experienced drivers feel that they can drive and be on their device at the time. However it is impossible to give your full attention to the road while on your device. It doesn 't …show more content…

In this generation many teens have cellphones and glued to them. In school, at mall, and even driving, teens always have their phones no madder where they go. This could especially dangerous because most teens don 't have much experience driving. Also many teens like to go out with friends and give rides out; being on their phone while driving could very dangerous to the passengers in the car. A law banning drivers using their cellphone while operating a vehicle would make the driver and the passengers inside the car safe too. Drivers that use their devices while driving are very dangerous to others too. One driver being careless can endanger other drivers on the road or pedestrians on the street. Good drivers that have full attention on driving and not their devices could be a part of the accident which involves a driver who wasn 't. Also in neighborhoods and places like that which have kids playing in the streets or people walking, a car crash could fatal for them. A distracted drivers can easily take a life of a poor little girl or boy just because of their lack of focus to stay off there devices. Drivers using the devices while driving will make the road unsafe for drivers and

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