Difference Between New England Colonies

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New England Colony: How it Divided North and South Great Britain already had established themselves in Virginia and started to expand up north and south (until they reached Spanish Florida). New England was different from any other colony within the New World. The colony was respectful of peoples’ religions from Catholics to Protestants. Women in New England had more rights—right to own property, right to own money, i.e—than in any European country and especially the southern colonies. The religious tolerance and gaining women some of the rights were important to the early developments of the North vs. the South. In New England, Puritanism had been in the North-East of America since the foundation of New England (Lecture 3, Beginnings of English America, Beshwate). Puritans were Protestants who wanted England to become more Protestant and established “a city upon a hill.” for England to look upon (Lecture 3). In Virginia, there wasn’t any major Puritans and events that shaped the religion in the colony. New England was more stricter with drinking and sex unlike Virginia. There …show more content…

It’s because of the difference between New England and the southern colonies. Carolina, according to Beshwate’s “Creating Anglo-America”, became a slave-depended society as soon as Bacon’s Rebellion ended. The colony became a slave society for four reason: “Death rates began to fall, England was making more money, there were colonies than just Virginia, and England’s slave trade fell apart (Lecture 4). In New England, the colonists didn’t reliance on slaves because of a higher population. A higher population that was caused by the short death rate and the healthy environment. The population worked on the fields to produce their own foods since they didn’t have any cash crops (Lecture 3). The slave-depended economy of New England and the southern colonies was the reason why the North vs. the South

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