Disadvantages Of Decriminalizing Drugs

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Sanya Sethi

Do the benefits of decriminalizing drugs outweigh the disadvantages?

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Do the benefits of decriminalizing drugs outweigh the disadvantages?
By Sanya Sethi

‘I’m a recovering drug addict and know that drug addiction is an illness, it’s a disease, so by criminalizing that you criminalize a huge percentage of the population. You malign them and stigmatize them, you generate more crime, you create a criminal culture, and speaking from the perspective of a sufferer it’s simply not helpful’. (Russell Brands)

We have fought a long and hard war against drugs for decades now, but we still have not been able to win the battle, and if Russell Brands is to believed, the solutions we are adopting are doing more harm and good. If this is true and the mindset that we adopted towards drug users is what is stopping us from winning this war, then we must find more effective ways of tackling this problem.

In my essay I will investigate the question ‘Do the benefits of decriminalizing drugs outweigh the disadvantages?’ To decriminalize drugs, would mean to no longer treat the possession or use of drugs as a crime.

‘While decriminalized acts are no longer crimes, they may still be the subject of penalties; for example a monetary fine in place of a criminal charge This should be contrasted with legalization, which removes all or most legal detriments from a previously illegal act.’ (Wikipedia).

The decriminalization of drugs has

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