Disney Global Culture

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How has Disneyland been influenced by global culture differences In the 21st century, the world economy has been developing rapidly, and the globalized economy has brought great development space for transnational enterprises. In transnational business activities, cultural differences, which are very important, are easily overlooked and often become invisible barriers to international trade. Therefore, in order to successfully implement cross-cultural management, it is important to analyse cultural differences and their influence on all aspects of transnational operations to effectively avoid cultural barriers and reduce the uncertainties in the cultural environment. The Walt Disney Company was founded as a cartoon studio in 1923 by American …show more content…

The location was of utmost importance, and the company chose Marne-la-Vallée because of its proximity to the romantic city of Paris. Euro Disney officially opened its gates on April 12, 1992. However, from the outset, Disney’s first European resort experienced many unexpected problems. For example, the number of visitors was 10% less than expected; per capita spending per tourist was less than half of that in Japan; the local French media gave negative reports on Disney and the company's poor public image; and Disney’s appearance code, management style and working conditions proved unpopular with employees. As a result of these problems, the Euro Disney was operating at a deficit. Daily losses reached $1 million, and by the end of 1994, Disneyland Paris had cumulative losses of $2 …show more content…

In the face of failure, Euro Disney changed its strategy, and since then, there have been many cultural adjustments to the operation, including renaming the park "Disneyland Paris" to strengthen its identity, and seeking psychological recognition of the French people. At the same time, in January 1993, it was officially announced that the American general manager had been replaced by a French general manager, and over the next few years, the top management were replaced with mainly French managers. Disney took many measures to mitigate the losses incurred over the initial 10 years of the "Paris Disney", and finally in 2002, the company saw its first quarterly

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