Do Sports Build Character Or Damage It Summary

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The debate on whether or not high school sports are worth the money has been looming over the heads of many for quite some time. Some believe it takes away from a student's education and can hurt their character rather than better it. However, others enjoy the glorification and lifelong benefits of high school sports. High School sports provide numerous benefits to students, they practice elements that are crucial to character development and employment, and help to lower crime within teens.
First, high school sports provide an environment that helps with character development which can help better them as a student and ameliorate their self-esteem. In Mark Edmundson's article Do Sports Build Character or Damage It? he writes about his experience with football and how it served as a stress reliever. He writes,”But football was something I could do, though I was never going to be anything like star. It was hard, it took some strength of will, and -clumsily, passionately- I could do it” (Edmundson). Edmundson’s narrative about his experience with high school sports provides a perfect example for how sports can manage stress and improve one’s self-esteem. His experience of overcoming challenges and pushing himself to the best of his ability shows how high school sports don't only affect one's …show more content…

For instance, in his article The Case for High School Sports Kai Sato references a study made in 2002 by mutual fund company Oppenheimer whose results showed,”... that a shocking 82% of women in executive-level jobs had played organized sports in middle high or post-secondary school” (Sato). This confirms that high school sports provide all-important skills that are relevant throughout life, especially in the workplace. The results of the Oppenheimer study verify that high school sports develop teamwork and other skills that are relevant for work and are preferred by many

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