Do You Have More Good Friends Essay

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Do You Have More Good Friends or Fewer because of Technology Dayshon Reddin Technology is a very good thing people use it every day. When you say technology, it is a phone, tablet, or computer people use. The phone is used for playing games or using a map to go somewhere, it is all used for helpful things. A computer can help you do things somewhat like a phone, a map, playing games, and searching things that are helpful. Technology is a very useful now days, but teens around thirteen use their phones every day and never get off it because they will be on social media. In this paper, you will read that you do have more friends on social media then your real life friends. How many social friends then regular friends What I wrote was that you have up to 150 friends on social media, but it is not the limit. Since teens are used to being on their phones all day some teens have up to 29% of friends out in the world. For me I am barely on social media so I have an average of 59% of friends in the world because I go outside more then I get on my phone. 54% of my friends on social media are my natural friends and 5% are people that added me. Some adults in this world are on their phones to first they have the phone then when they crack their phone and they end up buying a new one.…show more content…
the average amount of social media friends are 25% for social media and 54% for my usual friends. Gamers I think that is different from social media, but the average for gamers are 34%. The middle average for both social media and gaming is 18 to 30 possibly. Gamers they make friends all the time on all games most gamers are geeks or nerds the rest just play the game to play the game. All gamer’s average rises all the time it’ll go up most of the time, but sometimes it goes down because of what
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