Dog Emergency Clinic Research Paper

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Throughout my years as a veterinary technician and pre-veterinary student, I came across many cases that canines were brought into the emergency clinic when this visit was not needed. On the other hand, there were just as many cases when a canine was not brought in on time. As a canine owner myself, I know it is sometimes however to understand our furry child 's needs. Questioning my actions sometimes with a background in veterinary medicine, I can understand why canine owners are many times confused on what and when to call upon the emergency clinic. Here is a guide to understand what a dog emergency is and when a visit to the clinic should be taken. First of all, it is important to make sure that a canine owner knows where to take a sick…show more content…
Our family pets, dog and cats alike, are also generally becoming fatter too. When you make your resolution to take better care of yourself, consider including your dog or cat; chances are, if you 've had a bit of weight creep in, your pet has too. Your pet relies on you to provide the right amount of nutrition and exercise. He does not have the luxury of reading nutrition labels, buying exercise equipment or of making the decision to lead a healthier life. Whether your call yourself an owner, pet parent or guardian, your pet relies on you to take the lead in keeping him healthy. Why is your pet 's weight important? Just like with humans, carrying extra weight carries increased risk for numerous diseases and health concerns. Extra weight can cause early joint and skeletal deterioration, injury to muscles that try to do the work of the skeleton, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Dogs with extra weight tend to be less active, further compounding the problem. Overweight dogs can be at a higher risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion in hot weather, as they have more body mass to try to cool off by panting. Once a dog has suffered from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, they are more likely to have additional problems with heat in the future. Your veterinarian should be able to tell you what your pet 's ideal weight should be. But if you forgot to cover this at your pet 's last exam and just need a…show more content…
Most of us can understand the sudden rush of fear and anxiety that a child experiences when left alone, because we have experienced it ourselves. The stress and duress that occurs when a human child realizes that it has been separated from its parents is common with animals as well. Feelings of isolation, abandonment, panic, and outright fear can be felt by most young animals when they are removed from the security of their familial environment. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the case of man 's best friend: the dog. Yes, dogs can experience separation anxiety too. Dogs are extremely social animals whose lives revolve around the pack mentality. Everything of importance in a dog 's life is centered upon the dog 's understanding of his place within the pack; the pack provides order, stability and security. Every dog 's initial experience with pack life begins with a powerful natural attachment to his mother, from whom he learns the most basic elements of social interaction. For many dogs, these lessons only last a few short months before the dog receives his first experience with separation as he is taken from his mother and integrated into a human family. Given their pack mentality, it is only natural that a dog freshly removed from his canine mother and placed in a human home would seek to find his place in the new "pack". The dog instinctively knows that he has a lot to learn about his new environment, such as which member of the pack serves as the

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