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We like to have our furry friends in our cars. They are part of our families and provide emotional support that is almost therapeutic. Cleaning after them though is tiresome. Vacuuming is considered to be the best way to get dog hair out of cars. It never removes all the hair, and usually leaves the smaller hairs behind. Let us delve into some viable options for getting rid of dog hair from cars: Using a Rubber Kitchen Glove Wear the glove and make your fingers wet. Rub the surfaces in the car in one direction. You will ultimately form the hair into larger clumps that you can easily vacuum. Alternatively, spray the upholstery lightly with water and sweep with your gloved hands. Dog hair should collect at your fingertips. You can use a sponge or washcloth instead of the glove. Using…show more content…
These use the same concept as the balloon and rubber gloves, static electricity. Using duct tape or packing tape Roll the tape around your hand, with the sticky side out. Press it against the fabric and carpet to lift pet hair away. Sometimes, the best way to get dog hair out of cars is via prevention. Here are some techniques: Brush your dog before you let him into the car Giving your dog 's coat a good brush before they go into the car removes the excess pet hair that would end up in your carpets and seats. Use a good brush that can collect as much hair as possible. Get a pet rider or seat cover The pet rider or seat cover keeps pet hair off your seats. It can be easily removed and washed. Harness or crate your pets Harnessing or crating your pets while in transit reduces your car 's exposure to pet hair. Your dog also remains safe as you travel. Keep your dog out of your car This solution is not popular. We love to have our dogs with us especially if we are driving alone or are traveling with our families. Do you leave a member of the family behind? If your dog sheds a lot, it may be an option,

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