Dolphin Vs Hammerhead Research Paper

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Hammerhead sharks rarely attack humans. Only 17 atacked have happened in the last 450 years but none of the attacks were serious enough to be fatal.The animal i'm going to be comparing the hammerhead to is a bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin doesn't chew its food it just goes down the throat like a snakes. I think that the dolphin would be a better survival than the hammerhead because they live in a lot more places than the hammerhead.Dolphins like to live in the Atlantic and Indian ocean. You can also find them near harbors,lagoons,and bays. If necessary dolphins will go somewhere else to survive as long as the water is 45 degrees and up.Hammerheads like tropical waters which is central pacific and central Atlantic ocean. They also like to be on the coast line. …show more content…

The calf stays with them up to three years learning everything they need to know to survive.With hammerheads they have 15-20 kids but don't take care of them at all the baby sharks just staying a group until they're old enough to live on there own. They have to work together to survive. Also the man will attack the woman until they agree to have sex.Which cases open wounds sometimes on the

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