Happiness Is Important In Life Essay

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Happiness is one of the keys to life, for every person desires happiness. Movies, TV shows, advertisements, and most everything else people see or hear pushes happiness. Coca­Cola’s slogan, “Share a Coke and a Smile” is an example of that. But, are people really supposed to be happy one hundred percent of the time? Although it is great to be happy, that is not the only emotion people need in order to live a balanced and healthy life. Other emotions, such as sadness, fear, and anger, also play a significant role in the lives of many humans.
Negative emotions are just as important as positive emotions. Though they may be quite unpleasant, negative emotions like sadness and fear play a vital role in human development. For example, in the article
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David later in her article observes, “While it’s certainly not healthy to constantly stew in negative emotions, there are some positive things that sadness, anger, guilt, and fear can do” (David 126). She explains in detail how negative emotions can actually help you better form arguments, improve your memory, encourage perseverance, increase your generosity, and boost your ability to reason. These skills help one to better grow as a person so that one may reach success in the future. This idea is also discussed in Sharon Begley’s article “Happiness: Enough Already” when she states, “Abraham Lincoln was not hobbled by his dark moods bordering on depression and Beethoven composed his later works in a melancholic funk” (Begley 456). In this quote, the author is trying to explain that negative moods often create a better thinking environment that can aid one towards success. Some of the most successful people in history were depressed or angry, for you become more analytical, more critical when in a gloomy state. You need negative emotions, including sadness, in life so that one may be effective and successful. Though negative emotions are imperative to creating a balanced, healthy life, positive emotions such as happiness are just as beneficial. Negative emotions in excess could potentially be quite harmful to an individual; Therefore, people need positive ones as well to

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