Doping In Sports In Australia

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In modern day sport it is believed that 60 percent of all athletes are taking performance enhancing drugs. Doping in sport is an issue as athletes such as Lance Armstrong are setting a bad example for younger athletes. This is shower younger athletes that in order to succeed, you have to take drugs. This is bad for sport as it will increase the amount of athletes doping which can be detrimental to sport. The World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA is an organisation which test athletes for doping in sport. The WADA’s objective is to consistently test athletes to prevent cheating in sport. WADA was founded in 1924 and was created solely for the purpose of preventing cheating in sport. As technology was improving more and more drugs were being created. …show more content…

ASADA’s main focus is to eliminate doping in athletes in Australia. ASADA not only does testing but also educates people of the consequences of doping. They also investigate into doping cases in Australia to make sure the athlete is prosecuted for cheating. ASADA is playing a key role in protecting younger people from doping in sport. Doping in sport should not be allowed as it is cheating and can only lead to more bad consequences. To begin with, taking performance enhancing drugs can kill you. Some examples of medical conditions are liver cancer, diabetes, tumours, high blood pressure and heart attacks. These are some of many health problems that are caused through taking drugs. With so many athletes now taking drugs, young athletes are now seeing that the only chance they have at winning is taking drugs. Furthermore, doping in sport is just plain cheating. Athletes are doping because they want to get that edge above other athletes. This is wrong because it is unfair for those who chose to take drugs. Athletes who are getting beat by athletes doping are getting robbed of their winnings. Also it takes away the purpose of playing sport. Doping somewhat takes the skill out of sport because athletes are using substances that enhance certain skills for them. The point of sport is competing and with athletes doping it takes out the hard work in training for

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