Doritos Rhetorical Analysis

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Television commercials are a vigorous part in the advertising of a product. Customers watch TV often, and almost one third of a television program is marketing. Since the creation of the TV, thus the use of marketing evolved melodramatically. Each new commercial tries to bring new sense to standard advertisement styles, even though the important use of rhetoric is used the same. The Doritos chip company advertised a commercial called the Doritos Time Machine, it argues that the Doritos have magical time traveling powers. The commercial effectively persuades NFL football fans viewing the Super Bowl, by connecting with them emotionally through surprise, joy, trustworthiness, and audience character. Commercials try to attach or connect with the audience, and as generations change, so do the styles of commercials. This use of rhetoric was extremely effective, and spoke to its desired audience of the younger generation.
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Doritos is produced by the American company Frito-Lay and is well-thought-out to be the most popular snack chip in the whole United States. The Doritos brand is known for its tasty, crunchy, spicy, and flavorful invigorating kick. The Doritos brand was first launched in the year of 1966, the year after the Frito-Lay Company and Pepsi Company combined. To better understand the combining of the two, Doritos is owned and produced by Pepsi, and one of Pepsi’s branches is Frito-Lay, which Doritos falls under. By 1985, Doritos was bringing in sales of over $500 million every twelve months, expressing how successful they were and continue to be. Data show that Doritos, being a branch of the Frito-Lay brand, will bring in over $13 billion dollars of business. Since Doritos is a brand that is so widespread and successful, ads like this one help to improve people to continue to buy the

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