Personal Essay: My Dream As A Dog

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My Dream I hope when I am ready will have a have a wonderful wife, three or four children and a dog. I want my wife to be intelligent and kind. I want my children to have good manners and learn to have good values so they can be good people and maybe mothers and fathers one day. I would like to have a German Shepherd rescue dog if we can find one that is good with children. I am going to work hard to be sure that I have a good job to support the family that I am hoping to have. I want us all to go to church so we can all have good morals and learn how to be kind to each other and other people in our lives. When we choose our dog we will be careful to do a lot of research so we pick the perfect one for our family and he can have a forever home with us.
I would like to have children when I find a nice wife and get married. I hope to have three or four at the most. It would be wonderful if some of them were twins or
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I would enjoy help people with their computer problems and desires. Maybe I could get a job for with a Computer maintenance. I guess where I live all depends on where I can get a good job with enough income to support my family. I will need to finish on a good note for my final year of High School for I can be accepted at a good college that will help me to get the skills I need to follow my dream of being a Computer Tech. Once I choose a college I will have to work hard to get excellent grades and learn all I can about computer science and maintenance. I have to be very good at Fixing and understanding them to get a job in this field with really good pay. I would like to find a job locally because I like being near my family I have now but that may not be possible. It would be nice to work in a big office. What would be really great is if I could have my own Tech Shop and be my own boss and still make good money. Wish me

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