Driving Should Not Be Raised Essay

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Statistics show the percent of sixteen year olds that got into an accident was significantly less than those of twenty-five year olds. Many states, however are concerned for the safety of teens and believe that driving should be raised to eighteen as a minimum age. The age requirement for teen drivers should not be raised because it increases responsibility skills, and allows teenagers to have more experience in driving. Being able to depend by ownself and be responsible is key to growing as a teenager. Driving solo and doing activities helps a teenager achieve that. They would not have to depend on their parent to drive them places all the time. Recently, my cousin, a sixteen year old, has started to drive on her own, in fact she loves to just drive around and do her own thing. She goes out more and does not have to worry about transportation from my parents. Also, some sixteen year olds are starting to have jobs, so they need ways to get there. Having a parent constantly taking you there is a …show more content…

They would just be starting to drive and are not as confident to be careless drivers. My dad is a crazy driver; he drives fast all the time and bobs and weaves in between traffic lanes, consequently he always gets speeding tickets. He is a much more careless driver than me and my sister and we just started to drive. To clarify the age requirement for teenagers should not be raised, due to the fact that it increases responsibility skills and allows them to have more experience in driving. Sixteen year olds should be able to drive themselves to their own destination without having to depend on their parents all the time. Starting at sixteen to drive allows teens to experience the roads and get additional confidence to drive around more by themselves. There is nothing wrong with the age requirement, so they should not change

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