Eagle Pass Event Analysis

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Event Synopsis/Comments:
The SWTJC held a CBP Recruiting event at the Eagle Pass, Texas campus on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 from 1100-1230 hours. The event was held in a classroom and was geared towards students from SWTJC.
Supervisory CBP Officer Eric Galarza along with CBP Officers Javier Torres and Gilberto Rodriguez from the Eagle Pass Port of Entry attended the event as recruiters on behalf of the Laredo Field Office. This event was different than others for the Eagle Pass recruiters as it was set up in a classroom for a more intimate setting. Thirteen people attended the event; they listened to OFO recruiters give a presentation on the history, the duties, benefits, and training. The attendees also viewed the FOA training video prior to PowerPoint Presentation. …show more content…

Of the thirteen people that signed the CBP recruitment sign-in sheet, 1 was a veteran. Attendees were also provided with a business card indicating the usajobs.gov website, job announcement, key word, and list of vacancies on the current announcement.
Contacts made (Additional Recruitment Leads): Yes
Blanca Herrera (830) 758-1205 SWTJC Eagle Pass POC for Student Affairs
Edith Gaytan, SWTJC Veterans Assistance (970) 415-6223

Ms. Hererra was the local POC for Eagle Pass; she asked if we could come the first week of December before the Fall Commencement to target Criminal Justice and other graduates who may be in need of a career in CBP. She indicated Tuesdays and Thursdays are best since classrooms are available to hold presentations.

Ms. Gaytan, an attendee at the event, was in charge of assisting Veterans who are students at SWTJC. She indicated that Tuesdays and Thursdays they reserve a classroom to assist students that are Veterans; they assist with coursework and guiding Veterans on applying for their benefits.

Items or Recruitment Equipment (Utilized): Pop-up

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