Early Beginnings: Early Literacy Knowledge And Instruction

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Once upon a time about 30 years ago, I was just a little girl who wanted to explore the world. I wanted to explore the world through reading, but like many I wasn’t there yet. So here is the story about how I became a reader. With this week readings I learned that a child’s reading foundation can play a major part in how they comprehend things later in life. Growing up I thought that my reading wasn’t as great as my friends. As a matter of fact, I thought that the person who read the fastest was the smartest, but I quickly learn that to not be true. Actually with me reading slower I was able to comprehend the things that I read. Early Beginnings: Early Literacy Knowledge and Instruction talked about the importance of learning in the early years from birth to five. When I was small I attended daycare and I believe that learning while in daycare played a major role in my reading foundation. …show more content…

I was taught to read by sounding out letters and breaking words down. My daycare teachers, my older brothers, and my parents told me the easiest way to learn how to read was to sound out your word. Of course, getting to know the sounds of the letters was the trick. At first C’s and S’s sounded alike and they still do. Differentiating between letters and sounds was also a trick. Once I was able to make the sounds and started sounding out letters I then was able to start

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