Ecological Theory Of Autism

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The etiology of autism has been debated over many years since its discovery by Kanner and Asperger in the 1940s (). The theories of the physical abnormalities in the brain shape and structure, biochemical imbalance of neurotransmitter, and the genetic predisposition or vulnerability have been attributed as potential causes that lead to this condition in children. Thus, it appears there are multiple factors that contribute to its development in a child (Autism Society, 2015). Appropriate treatment of ASD should consist of thorough assessment to identify the strengths and needs of the children. The diagnosis is determined after systematic interviewing, observation, and assessment of the child 's communication, social interaction, behavior, and…show more content…
Part of the practice model in helping the children should involve increasing support and improve awareness in the communities to increase funding for programs and services that can benefit them. Parents, family members, schools and communities should voice their concerns in town halls, engage in active citizenship through popular social media to galvanize support for this important cause and effect changes in public policies that will safeguard the future of the impacted children and allow them to receive access to…show more content…
Undoubtedly, the children with ASD can benefit from one on one medical and behavioral treatments, however, helpful family therapies with family members can reduce anxiety and stress levels and ameliorate relationships within the family, educating parents of ASD children who have lower educational rank about the treatment options of treatment and their rights as citizens, eradicating institutionalized discrimination and racism from public welfare services via policy changes, and improving access to health services in geographically isolated rural areas can tremendously improve the future outlook for these needy children. A society is better when every member contributes meaningfully towards its betterment. The failure of ASD affected individuals when viewed through the ecological theory puts in perspective that every individual is a product of the environment he or she is in and the environment itself shapes the behavior and development and future possibilities especially for those suffering from

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