Educational Technology Concepts

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Meaning and Concept of Educational Technology
Education is the vast discipline and educationalists are trying to improve its quality day by day. As education process is shifting from traditional to activity based process, technology became it’s the vital part. Technology is a process of organization and construction of knowledge for the attainment of useful purposes in the social and intellect contents (Luppicini, 2005).
Educational technology term was first used by the Lawrence Liptsitz 1960, when he started Educational Technology magazine. Term educational technology, is difficult to define but some researchers and practitioners have typically defined this term as uses of variety of technologies to smoothen the process of education (Kinshuk,
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Educational technology simply defined as any instructional and educational tool, material and media teacher applies in the process of teaching to make teaching process more effective.
According to Baikic (1988) educational technology is "the sum of the ways in which instructor provide themselves with the tools of their discipline"(cited by Adegbija & Victoria, 2010).
The conception of educational technology as old as the field evolve. today Educational technology can be defined as an abstract or concept or as a practice and field. By concept, educational Technology can be defined as the study and practice of facilitating and improving performance by creating, using, and managing suitable technological processes and resources (Januszewski & Molenda, 2010).
In new century four paradigms has been emerged in educational technology. These paradigms have different theoretical and philosophical orientation that has effected the theory and practice of educational technology. Paradigms can be characterized
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Thus, the behaviorists based concept leads to curriculum that is planned step by step in small units, focused on immediately observable and measureable learning products.
The cognitive science perspective
Cognitive concept of educational technology, unlike behaviorists attempt to understand the internal process of behaviour and emphasize knowing rather than responding. The cognitive approach to educational technology views learner not a passive, but as an active, constructive and playful. In cognitive view learner become active in acquiring and using knowledge.

It will be wrong to say that educational technology is a new field in education. As education process is shifting from traditional to activity based process, technology became it’s the vital part. In the field of educational technology several efforts have been made by experts to arrive on professional and official definition of educational technology with its changing nature. Educational technology can be defined as a use of technology in the educational process to make it effective and
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