Eleanor Roosevelt Should Replace Angelina Jolie At UNICEF

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Heart “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) The quote shows how Eleanor thought no one had the right to make you feel inferior, and how giving kindness to those in need is a crucial part of life. There are many reasons why Eleanor Roosevelt should replace Angelina Jolie at UNICEF. Eleanor Roosevelt is an important figure in our country for the changes she made, and for the people she helped through many forms of trouble like wars, and poverty. Also she held the important position of being the US ambassador to the UN. She is there for many Americans during the worst times the country has faced. Only someone like her will hold such an important position like the one being debated. First …show more content…

His efforts have many lasting effects on South Africa, and as a supporter of equality and fought against racial segregation. Also, he is the president of South Africa and did many great things there. His contributions were only in his home country and some nearby countries. Unlike Eleanor Roosevelt, who traveled many places and helped so many people. While she is not the president, she is the first lady and an ambassador for the UN. Lastly they argue Nelson faced many of the conditions Eleanor fought for. They also claim Eleanor did not face growing up in a rich American family. Eleanor Roosevelt did see these tragedies first hand. An example is the Great Depression and the poverty.

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India. In conclusion there are amazing reasons why she is the perfect choice. In conclusion Eleanor Roosevelt did many wonderful things in her life, and there are many reasons why Eleanor Roosevelt should be angelina Jolie's successor at UNICEF. She helped many people during tragic times, and she had a successful UN career. She helped purpose many important civil rights documents, and all these points lead to the conclusion Eleanor is the perfect candidate out of the other candidates. Eleanor Roosevelt has done so much for our country and the world and that is why she would be the ideal candidate for the position, she has done so much and this would be the best position for

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