Elements Of Telenovela

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B. Elements of Telenovelas To fully understand a drama, one must initially appreciate its elements. According to Iwuchukwu (2008), the following are the four elements of telenovela: 1. Imitation- It is defined as the basic and most essential element which pertains to telenovela reflecting real life situations 2. Plot- It is the sequence of happenings which form the telenovela’s story as a whole 3. Action and Dialogue- It refers to how the characters act and deliver their lines as they present the telenovela’s story Specifically, according to Philippine Encyclopedia (2010), the following are the changes and differentiation which transpire between classical Philippine classical teleseryes over modern ones: Classical Philippine teleseryes Storylines The underlying theme of any teleserye tends to focus on love in all kinds of dimensions: love between couples, families, and friends. A popular plot-line revolves around a love story between two different individuals; most often an affluent individual who falls in love with someone from the "other side of the tracks," so to speak. Often the couple is separated by ill-fate, with their romance being often contradicted by a third party, usually meddling parents or relatives. Another popular storyline revolves around a character 's search for a loved one: a parent, a child, or a long lost friend; stories tend to start at the beginning of the main character 's childhood. These storylines usually begin showing the child being separated
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