Elements Of The Pio Framework

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1. Taking into account the PIO framework the following elements can be identified: P: Intellectually disabled adult fire setters, fire setters of the wider population including children and adolescents; I: Treatment programmes for arsonists; O: Effectiveness of intervention/Reduction in fire-setting behaviour. It might have been worth including a summary of the population characteristics, such as age, mental health issues, and index offences, as well as the total number of participants of each group (intellectually disabled offenders, non-intellectually disabled adult offenders, children/adolescents). It should have also been made clear that the majority of the selected studies included treatment for children (11 out of 16 studies), whilst only four included intellectually disabled offenders. This raises an issue of whether the final sample is actually representative of the population that the authors originally intended to include in their review. Additionally, it would be preferable that the question of the review was more focused on the specific types of intervention that were evaluated. The review only provided information on CBT, FSE, and multi-component treatments, although the selected studies included various treatment programmes, such as the …show more content…

A wide range of computer databases were used for the purposes of this review, such as PsycInfo, PsycArticles, Medline, Social Work Abstracts, and SocINDEX, using relevant keywords. The authors also conducted reference list checking, and reviewed titles and abstracts manually to determine if they met the inclusion criteria. Nevertheless, additional sources of information could have been used to determine that all important relevant studies were included, such as citation searching, contacting experts to identify grey literature, Internet searching, and searching of conference papers and proceedings. The reliability of the decision-making process would have increased, if a second reviewer had screened the

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