Elizabeth Forward School Case Study

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Imagine a school where ______% of the students transfer out and school morale is down the drain. Looking in classrooms you would see disengaged students and tired teachers. This is every teacher’s, administration’s. and community’s nightmare, and was the reality for Elizabeth Forward School District. With prominent truancy and disengagement issues, teachers had obvious trouble reaching students, many feared that their students wouldn’t graduate. Many of the students felt the same way, one in particular, Dennis, never thought he would be able to finish high school. Traditional school just wasn’t for him.

Now, fast forward __________ years to Elizabeth Forward School District. You know what you would see walking down the halls and in classrooms? Students, lots of students. With truancy issues no longer a problem and morale as high as Mt. Washington, school is fun again. The whole atmosphere of the district has changed from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can.’ Even Dennis, who years before couldn’t imagine himself walking during commencement graduated and now holds a media specialist internship where he is highly successful.

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With their innovative approach to integrating content knowledge with game design, our students immediately took to their curriculum. In the Zulama courses, students were diving into core course content, like history, math, and writing, but not in a traditional way. By learning the concepts of game design and working in a project based environment, students were constructing games using the content they researched themselves. Students began taking initiative when it came to their learning. No longer did they wait on the teachers to provide knowledge, they went looking for the knowledge

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