Scientific Sociological Approach

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This is the approach that originated out of the Hawthorne study carried out by Elton Mayo and his Harvard colleagues during the period between the 2 world wars. In their study, they criticized the scientific management for its failure to adequately attend to the psychological, social psychological and sociological aspects of man at the work place. The approach analysed the effects of industrialization on the social life of the people. Breakdown of ‘primary community’ in the society resulted in the atomization of the individual. According to Emile Durkheim, this breakdown expressed itself at the lowest level i.e. individual level through the individual psychologically breaking down. Such necessities as dignity, status, love and security which…show more content…
Scientific methodological point of view 2. Ideological point of view Scientific methodological point of view Here Alex Carey A (1967) in his review of the Hawthorne study could not find any tangible and conclusive evidence that supported Elton’s explanation on increased productivity According to him, there were other factors other than happiness of the group that led to the increase in production. Being a member of the group did not guarantee increased productivity It was noted that the relationship between the managers and the workers will always be economic and not human relations because at the end of the day, the former’s aim is to increase production all ways possible even if it means being ‘nice’ to their source of labor. Bogomolova N. (1973) among other critics of the approach state that the human relations approach to management is nothing than masked intention of the managers/employers in the real sense being exploitation To Bogomolava and colleagues, this is just a less expensive way of obtaining surplus production; furthermore in a capitalist society it is merely a tool used by management to manipulate the workers and exploit their…show more content…
There is little need for this approach as the workers have other motivations to increase production e.g. the mere fact of high unemployment rate in the country. The worker will put in more effort so as to keep his job and in the process increase production. He does not want to perform poorly and lose his job because out there are no jobs to find hence he has no choice but to work hard. We see some big organizations within the country use selected techniques of human relations approach just for PR purposes to creating a good public image. One example is a large telecommunications firm enjoying sizeable chunk of the market in Kenya. This one has set up facilities within its premises accommodate the workers needs which would otherwise keep them away from their desks while they were absent sorting out issues away from the office. On the other end, much is expected from this worker because the manager assumes the worker is

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