Environmental Pollution Essay

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Environmental pollution is the contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth and atmosphere system to such an extent that normalenvironmental processes are adversely affected (Kemp, 1998).
Today’s one of the major problem faced by man is Environmental pollution. This problem is present in both developed and developing countries. Due to harsh effects of environmental pollution on human and animal health it becomes a global issue from last few decades. (www.unep.org)
Environmental pollution is increasing with every passing year and causing irreversible destruction to the earth.
“The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about a quarter of the diseases facing by mankind today occur due to prolonged vulnerability
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It begins its activity within 30 minutes of application, but its efficiency lasts for 24 hours. Nitenpyram kills adult insects within few hours. (Witte S.T & Luempert L.G., 2001)
Like other neonicotinoids it is agonist of nAChRs. It replaces the usual acetylcholine neurotransmitters present in the receptor but could not inhibit the receptor, and stop permanently because it cannot be shut off by acetyl cholinesterase. As a result of its interaction nerve cells over activated that lead to paralysis and ultimate death of the organism (Schenker et al., 2001).
Unlike other neonicotinoids, nitenpyram has a systemic mode of action. It is administered topically in the form of tablets to domestic animals and then is mixed with the blood of animals and when flea suck blood of animals it approaches flea’s body. http://www.ehow.com/about_5505964_nitenpyram-side-effects.html
Adverse effects of these toxic pesticides in the environment cannot be neglected.
As when these dangerous chemicals are sprayed aerially, they can be inhaled by animals as well as human beings. While entering the organism’s body their first target is blood and blood cells. After that they move to the liver and kidneys to be metabolized and excreted out from the body. So the blood cells are the first targets of these hazardous pesticides within

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