Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was created by the assembly to put into effect title six of the civil rights act of 1964 which made it illegal to judge an individual by color, sex, race, origin or religion (Hattis, 2011). This agency is in control for implementing federal laws on the subject of discrimination against an employee in the United States. The agency enlighten the youth workers that they are protected from employment discrimination which involves: unfair treatment, annoyance by the employer or fellow employees, rejection of a realistic workplace change that they may need, retaliation due to complaints of the uncomfortable working environment.
Consequently, employers ought to play the very vital role of ensuring a secure …show more content…

The child labor law forbids teenagers from working for long late hours and performing dangerous work. Many states ask for working papers for young workers. Therefore managers need to be acquainted with what is required by the law.
I would make sure that all working areas along with jobs are out of dangers this will be implemented through establishing health and safety programs. For that reason, it will be my responsibility as the manager to offer a secure and healthy working environment. This will be well executed by having a sickness and injury prevention program which include employee participation with management assurance (Castillo, 2014).
Stress safety to front overseers. This involves making the supervisors who delegate jobs to the teens have knowledge on the child labor laws. Supervisors play a good part in influencing the worker's attitude towards the working habits. Therefore, I would encourage them to be good role models as well as set a good …show more content…

Offer training on how to handle and use certain equipment and direct them which safe protections to take, give the possible dangers as well as act as a good example (Castillo, 2014). Even if certain things seem so familiar, I should not make assumptions that they know. Ensuring that the devices used by the teens are safe as well as legal to be used and therefore it will be my responsibility to label all the equipment that they are not supposed to use.
After training and creating the surrounding where employees are motivated to ask any questions about health and safety matters, there will be a high possibility of injury reduction at the workplace. During the training, it is advisable to pause for the workers to ask questions if they have and if they do not, put a question that is mostly asked by many young workers, to make them understand

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