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This chapter introduces the underlying principles towards this study including background, two research questions, purpose of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, definition of related terms, and the organization of the study.

1.1 Background of the Study
Research based reports have been one of the primary concerns in higher education. They become the important tasks that were usually given to the university students (Moore & Morton, 1999 in Bruce, 2008). The university students are encouraged to write research based reports which are based on the acceptable form of the university. In order to be able to write research based reports into an acceptable form, academic writing skill is required. Academic writing involves learning a new set of academic rules and learning how to play by these rules (Dong, 1997). Often these rules change from discipline to discipline, and the audience and the purpose of writing vary according to each writing context. Through academic writing skill, students will be familiar with the conventions and expectations of academic writing in English medium universities and are able to sustain arguments and synthesize the words, ideas, and opinions of others in order to develop their own
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For example, first, Bjork and Raisanen (1997:34) state “no one can deny that academic writing is of importance not only to master English but also to be successful in learning other disciplines where English is the medium of instruction”. They believe that the essence of writing lies on the fact that it is a thinking tool. It is a tool for language development, for critical thinking, and for learning in all disciplines. Second, Abdulkareem (2013) explores that academic writing has a fundamental impact on learners’ progress in a second language. Learners’ progress and attainment depend on their mastery of academic
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