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For some people, shopping can be a way of receiving stress, it can also be a way of having fun, and a way to spend some alone time. When people talk about shopping, it means that they’re basically going to buy things that they either need or want, however, there are some people who can’t seem to stop themselves from shopping, and it is no longer normal. These people might be suffering form compulsive buying disorder or omiomania. It basically means that a person has some sort of obsession over buying things. A person wit CBD has the uncontrollable urge to shop anytime anywhere, some people would even rather get into so much debt just to be able to shop. If you think you have CBD, don’t be ashamed, it is perfectly fine since you’ll get better, but only if you choose to…show more content…
You no longer have to go to the stores to actually get what you need, all you need to do is to go on shopping websites and pay via credit or cash. But then again, this is not exactly ideal for shopaholics, because it is easier access for them, so what you need to do is to block any shopping websites and apps for your computer and phone, so that you wouldn’t be tempted. UNSUBSCRIBE TO ALL PROMO/COUPON EMAILS It is also ideal to unsubscribe from any coupons or promos offered by these websites that always go straight to your email once you have signed up to their sites. It is basically their way of telling you that you should buy more things. JOIN A SUPPORT GROUP Lastly, if you think that you are not getting better from trying all those things above and you simply cannot resist the temptation, it is time for you to join a support group. This support group will most likely consist of your fellow shopaholics, that is led by people who were also suffering from impulse buying, but they will share some inspiring stories on how they overcome that obstacle and that you will eventually get better as

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