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Advertisements – Promotion at the cost of what? All of us watch television and have to go through the torture of sitting through those unfairly long 10 minutes of advertisements in between our favourite shows. I think most people have just trained their brains to turn off during advertisements. I mean, who actually pays attention? But if you have paid attention, then you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you. We have a wide variety of advertisements ranging from cute ones to interesting ones to completely exaggerated and illogical ones. Let us classify them as the following types: Type 1: Exaggerated ads. Type 2: Advertisements that makes false promises. Type 3: Advertisements that promote inferiority complexes. Type 4: Advertisements…show more content…
A very good example of this kind of add is the one for “shakthi masala”. The add is basically a bunch of pretty looking girls and good looking guys dancing with packets and packets of shakthi masala. How does this promote shakthi masala? Another one is the advertisement for “Cardia Life”. Till the very end of the advertisement, nobody really knows what product is being advertised. The advertisement just shows a girl and a guy who go around touching tables and chairs and lamp posts and various other objects that magically break into pieces of olives once touched. And in the end they show you a Cardia Life Oil Packet and only then do you know that the whole advertisement was for OIL. On the whole, these kinds of advertisements are definitely not helping the society. But not ALL are like the ones mentioned above. There are a few advertisements that are genuinely interesting and have a clever way of putting their point across. It isn’t completely fair to blame these advertisements for giving the audience wrong ideas. It must be noted that they do make efforts to be inoffensive and interesting. They do not intend for any of their advertisements to be offensive. They hope for people to take it in a light hearted fashion. And when the society fails to recognise that, it ends with a lot of misunderstanding and

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