Essay On African-American Rebellion

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Throughout the history of humans themselves, we have always had that little spark of rebellion in us, that one fiery coal that can easily ignite the flames of revolution. Even today, in our somewhat sophisticated world, we see bits and pieces of rebellion in pop culture and around the globe. Even the National Football League (NFL) hosts rebellious players who need to get their points and beliefs across. Colin Kaepernick, a football player who wanted to make a stand for the mistreatment of African-American citizens, decided to kneel when our country’s national anthem was being played. He started a tidal wave of kneeling anthem protests following the same suit as he did. Eventually Donald Trump, our president, spoke out against these protest …show more content…

The Spanish government responded with violence and force instead of diplomacy, which like many other events in history, just made things worse. The citizens have kept their protesting and voting up, and using the brutality of Spain as leverage to recruit more potential voters. If Catalonia does achieve its separation goal, many say its government will quickly collapse, as it does not have a strong or organized government. Spain has met the situation of protests by sending more police officers and law enforcement to the area. The protesters are stating that Spain is not exercising its democratic ideals, and almost all of the citizens of Catalonia are voting for independence. Although these articles are diverse in overall intensity, they both express a combined meaning, which is revolution. Both articles clearly identify that the citizens of these countries are displeased about their nations justifications of democracy to all. Another relation between the two articles is that they are both focused on very recent events, which expresses to people worldwide that there are revolutions happening all the time. They just are not all reported on by the

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