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Pets are comforting and loveable creatures by various people around the world. They don’t care about the way you look or if you have any problems in your life. Pets make us feel better when we are down and they keep us active and healthy in our daily lives.

The use of animals to enhance patients’ treatment programs has been proven to be effective by several literature studies [1], in various aspects by benefiting the physical, mental and emotional states of the human being. They can make people feel better and help them go through tough situations like health diseases including cancer through animal therapy. Animal therapy also known as assisted animal therapy, is a field that uses animals to comfort people and help them recover …show more content…

In schools, a class pet is used to demonstrate to the children to become responsible and caring. Children experience responsibility by doing activities such as feeding, ensuring the animal has water and a clean habitat. Animal therapy also builds up their confidence level where it allows them to be more comfortable in talking and it also helps their communication skills where they learn body language skills to help them communicate with the animal. At B.F kitchen Elementary School, Colorado, they have noticed that animal therapy has increased the student’s confidence and attention in class. It has also helped keep them motivated to attend classes and enjoy them rather than be very bored and forced to come to school or attend classes. [6] Animal therapy helps the confidence of students where it encourages students struggling with reading to read out loud. Mary Jalongo, a professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and editor of Early childhood Journal supports this argument by stating, “it might be less stressful for a child to read aloud to a dog than to a teacher or a peer. After all, a dog wont judge or correct

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