Essay On Apollo 11 Conspiracy

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There are people who have gazed upon the moon, which orbits the earth, and debated with themselves a philosophical question along the lines of “Did NASA ever really land there?” or “Was Apollo 11 faked?” These people have been inquiring about an event people have been speculating about ever since Apollo 11 was allegedly on the moon. Speaking of Apollo 11, this trip supposedly took a bunch of photos of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and based on these photos, viewers can conclude that faking the moon landing would have required technology that NASA did not have and it would require everyone working on the project to keep quiet. There were also natural occurrences on the moon, which had large numbers of people questioning whether…show more content…
It allows humans to stay skeptical of the things they see and to always be wary, which is why people always question whether what happened is real or a hoax. While this may be true, there comes a point when conspiracy theories go overboard and individuals are unable to accept any other theory but theirs. In 1969, NASA released photographs from their Apollo 11 moon landing. Said photos gave proof that not only the moon landings real, moreover the moon landings could not have been faked with the available technology in 1969. Speaking of the photographs released by NASA, there were photos with no stars and there were also photos with parallel sun rays with no diffusion. The point could be argued that there were no stars in the photograph because Nasa didn’t put them in, but in reality there are no stars because the moon reflects light which makes it hard to see stars, think of it like daytime on Earth except there is no blue sky. Another point that could be argued is that you can mimic parallel sun rays with no diffusion with lasers, but the only lasers available in 1969 were red and would cost billions just to have more made,and even if more were made they would still be colored red. In October of 2017, Sophie Weiner published an article explaining why the moon landing was impossible in 1969. “There are a few key reasons for this. On reason is the shadows, which are the
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