Essay On Aristotle On Politics

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Aristotle was a educated man who questioned everything. In 350 B.C.E Aristotle wrote a very popular book titled Politics. In the book, he brought about discussion from the purpose of government to how the government should be utilized by its citizens. Patrick Coby stated, "at one time or another Aristotle's favor turns to monarch, to aristocracy, to polity, to some mixture of the three, or to any sort of constitutional order in which the rule of law is paramount"(Coby. 1986). He made many valid points on his breakdown of politics, but his specifics on politics as an art, politics as law, and moral education in politics stick with us and has carried on throughout the years as the U.S government has adapted many of his teachings and theories. Aristotle, although would go back of forth at times, believed that politics was considered a science or tech. However, during the process of his writing he was unable to dissociate himself from Plato's understanding and many times has to recourse to Plato's understanding of politics as an art(Coby. 1986). For example in book IV, he models after gymnastics which says is applicable to medicine, shipbuilding, tailoring, and all the sundry arts(Aristotle. 350 BCE). This…show more content…
He was firm in his stance that political power does not always bring the nobility out of people, but sometimes the corruption. He suggest in his theory of politics that power be limited to safeguard those left subject to the rule(Aristotle. 350 B.C.E). From this, he determined that a government of well constituted laws would be preferable. The U.S. government upon its induction of democracy, which gives the people the power to govern themselves in a sense. With that, we established the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments. Thus ensuring rights be clear and power be limited. Also, with the utilization of our democracy, no branch has ultimate power, which allows us to have checks and balances of the other
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