Essay On Army Vs Marine Corps

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The United States Army and the Marine Corps are both ground forces used in fighting this country’s wars. The men and women serving in both branches of service risk their lives, so that we can sleep easy at night. While some differences between the Army and the Marine Corps are evident, but the Army is a far superior branch of service.
The Marine Corps sole mission is the seizure or defense during operations of peace keeping. They are usually the first ones to advance during the time of war. The Marine Corps boot camp training is mentally and physically challenging than that of the Army’s program. Boot camp training for the Marines last 13 weeks, and after completion the soldier when join his or her unit for further training. The Marine Corps has rifle platoons, which contain three rifle squads. Every squad has a gunnery sergeant who controls …show more content…

By the time the Marines get the weapons, they’ll be outfitted with a bunch of fancy gadgets, making them heavier, but more appealing to the eye. Soldiers who want to go to harder more challenging options can join the ranks of the airborne, which requires you to complete a three-week course in parachuting. Army soldiers have the opportunity to join the Ranger regiment, and if you’re an infantry soldier you can compete for Special Forces selection.
Both of these military branches serve to protect this great nation, and are the ones to be called upon in time of trouble. I am not trying to take anything away from the other, but the Army has more fields of specialties. There are more career paths and opportunities to advance from being just a soldier, to being among the elite. The Army has Airborne, Rangers, Special Forces, and Delta force for those that want to reach for the stars. There are more differences between the Army and the Marine Corps than just the uniforms, but the Army is a far superior branch of service with more opportunities for

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