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So you want to be an HC entrepreneur.
What are you thinking about? It’s hard. However, being an entrepreneur has its rewards.
Before you take the step to becoming a fully-fledged entrepreneur as your self why. Is it because you want o be the boss and call the shots, are you a risk taker, want the flexibility, you have such a good idea you can’t not do it, or you just want to make a lot of money. Despite what Hollywood portray in spate of recent movies being and entrepreneur is not all-glamorous and leading jet set life style. Check out a recent Economist article – Entrepreneur Anonymous.
Out of the 64 million things that need to get done where do I start.
In the mid 1990’s, so last century, I taught Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UCSD for a couple of years and the majority of students wanted to be there own ‘boss’ fro several reason, more on that later, but didn’t know how to get going.
A good place to start is with an idea. You might say I don’t have an idea so how do I come up with
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Who is audience, how do they select products or a service, how large is the opportunity, are they receptive to change and so on. The more you know the better.
A big part of starting up your own business is the risk taking and the financing. Understand your personal financing and choose the right sources for money to fund your business. The type of business you want to start may dictate the money sources. It is common for early stage companies to be self-financed or family and friends. Clearly you may still need to pay mortgage or satisfy other personal financial commitments. Can you work on your idea while holding down a full time job?
Create a support network. A team of experts, mentors, in all facets of building a business is good to have together with team members that help during the personal struggles that can come with long hours and

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