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According to the UK Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) model, which was created in 1998, creative industries were determined as those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and have potential for wealth and job creation despite the generation and exploitation of intellectual property (DCMS, 2011). In consideration of this definition, DCMS model includes 13 industries without categorizing as core or peripheral unlike the Concentric Circles Model, which is created by Thorsby and widely used for classifying the creative industries in Europe (David Throsby, 2008).
As it was explained in the 2009 UNESCO Framework for Cultural Statistics, cultural industries produce and distribute cultural goods or services, contain artistic, aesthetic, symbolic and spiritual values(UNESCO-UIS, 2009). Cultural and creative sectors and their creative goods and services contains
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In this context, some terms; “creative class” and “creative cities” have been emerged.
1.3. Economic Importance of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Turkey
In the period after 1995, there are concrete developments in the overall art scene in Turkey (Erataş, Alptekİn, & Uysal, 2013). Especially visual and plastic arts and film industry seems to show a positive development.
According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the total turnover generated in the cultural economy in Turkey is TL 8.1 billion in 2013. This figure constitutes 0,26% of the total turnover generated in all industrial and service sectors in Turkey. In 2013, when the share of revenue in different fields of activities is examined in total culture economy, it is seen that 51% of the field, with the highest share, is cinema film, video and TV program activities. The added value produced within the context of the culture economy in 2013 is 2 billion 302 million

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