Essay On Cuban Immigration

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The bias of migration is usually ignored, people overlook the pains that immigrants went through in order to start a new life. Like most, immigrants left their countries because of economics or political reasons. The first waves of Cuban immigrants were of the upper and middle class. They were welcomed by the U.S because of their economic and intellectual value. The U.S was happy to open its doors to the Cubans because they were fleeing from a communist government and moving to a democratic one. However, the U.S was not as friendly to those of lower social class. Cuban immigrants where only seeking refugee until their communist president ,Fidel Castro, could be overthrown. They felt as if they were exiled from their beloved country. They had to leave their homeland and come to a new place, learn a new language in order to thrive. The first four waves of immigrants were the white upper class who just sought asylum, they wanted to wait for things in Cuba to calm down before going back. This Cubans were welcomed and succeeded socially and economically. In the early 1960s and mid 1970s, …show more content…

Lower class Cubans were treated as criminals, even though only 1% were actual criminals, and were left with barely any economical opportunities. The flow of Cubans into the U.S continued and still continues today but the U.S has set new policies to deal with the immigrants.
I was shocked to learn about the challenges that Cubans had to deal with while trying escape their bad situations. I was stunned that the U.S could be so biased towards people. They welcomed Cubans but when the lower class started to arrive and the more people sought refugee, the more the U.S started to reject them. The U.S happily received wealthy educated people, but rejected those who were not

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