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Disinfectants Are chemical substance, used to kill pathogenic and other harmful microorganisms on inanimate objects but are too toxic to be applied directly on living tissues. disinfection has a lower effect than sterilization . sterilization is an extreme chemical and physical operation that destroy all kinds of life . Disinfectants have different properties than the other "antimicrobial" agents such as antiseptics which kill microorganisms only on living tissues . Disinfectants workes by destroying the cell wall of the microorganism or interfering with the metabolism . Disinfectants are used in dentalnsurgeries , hospitals to kill pathogenic organisms . Antisepsis Are chemical agents that may be applied topically to kill or stop the growth of the pathogenic microorganismss on living tissues such as the skin, epithelial…show more content…
The disks are then placed on an agar plate that has been cultivated with the targeted bacteria , the disinfectant diffuse out of the disks into the agar where the bacteria have been cultivated . As the of bacteria start to grows , zones of inhibition of microbial growth are showen as clear areas around the disks . larger zones typically correlate to increased inhibition effectiveness of the disinfectant agent. • Use-Dilution Test The dilution test is commonly used to detect the disinfection efficiency . first , a cylinder of stainless steel is put in a culture of a microorganism and then dried . The cylinder is then put in solutions of disinfectants that have various concentrations for a fixed time. Finally, the cylinder is transferred to a new test tube containing fresh sterile medium , and this test tube is incubated .if there is turbidity shown in the medium , Bacterial survival is presence , whereas killing of the target organism on the cylinder by the disinfectant will produce no

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