Essay On Disobedience

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The city is a very busy and hectic place with heavy traffic. Navigating the city and watching for cars is frightening, but lacking the ability to see and having to trust someone else to help you cross the street is even scarier. Blind people who live in the city experience this everyday and must rely on their service dogs to get them safely to their destination. The service dog must first learn to obey their owners commands in order to lead them to their destination. The dog is then taught to disobey harmful commands such as stopping their owner from walking through a red light. This disobedience to their owner is to ensure they will stay safe. Dogs learn to disobey when they realize the person commanding them is wrong and people should learn how to develop this skill as well. Disobedience that is done to protect yourself and to do the right thing is important as it can cause good change. Society wants people to conform to certain ideals, however students should value disobedience to change the…show more content…
Many view disobedience as partaking in illegal activities such as ingesting drugs, underage drinking, or refusing to do chores as a child after a parent has told them to do so. However, this is only one form of disobedience. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, disobedience is the failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority. Sometimes people in power are corrupt and don’t do the moral thing, and people that do not listen to these people in power are doing the right thing. This form of disobedience is good as it keeps individuals safe from unacceptable actions. In the article “Why Teenage Rebellion is a good thing” the author Chris Hudson wants people to understand “Not all teenage rebellion is violent or illegal”. Disobedience is neglecting the commands of those who retain power. People need to understand that disobedience can be a good thing and has caused great changes in our society in the
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