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  • Traffic Characteristics

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    SYNOPSIS EVALUATION OF TRAFFIC CHARACTERISTICS OF PGIMER- A CASE STUDY INTRODUCTION GENERAL Traffic on Indian roads (both urban and inter-urban) consists of variety of vehicles. These vehicles have widely different static and dynamic characteristics. The traffic is also very different from homogeneous traffic which primarily consists of motorized traffic. Chandigarh - the ‘City beautiful’ designed by famous French Architect, Le Corbusier is known for its unique architecture and well planned landscaping

  • Traffic Accidents

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    Traffic accidents have been among the leading causes of deaths in Lebanon. This is spreading on our streets and highways, taking the lives of innocent people both at night and in broad daylight. Despite the many traffic awareness conferences, campaigns and warnings aimed to control accidents, we continue to witness car crashes, deaths and injuries at alarming rates. Speeding is known to be the top cause of car accidents, but there are other factors to blame, such as driving under the influence of

  • Traffic Congestion

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    MANAGING TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN RATHNAPURA TOWN AREA Background Transport problem that currently experienced by the city of Rathnapura, due to the increment of the traffic congestion from the large number of vehicles. The development of urban area creates complex problems in daily life with traffic. Heavy traffic congestion occurs during school-opening hours especially between 7.30a.m - 8.30a.m followed by office traffic between 7.00a.m and 9.00a.m. In the closing times of school and office are the

  • Traffic Identification Essay

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    of which we face many problems. The rapid increase in the number of vehicles has given rise to the traffic jam, which is a major problem these days. The effect of traffic jam also effects the operation of ambulance. The traffic control becomes one of the major areas of research. To avoid the traffic jam for the ambulance, a new idea is developed. In this paper we propose a new concept to avoid traffic jam for the ambulance and thus saving the life of an individual. At first the ambulance is detected

  • Traffic Congestion Essay

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    Traffic Congestion Worsens at Los Baños Nowadays, traffic congestion is terrible. People are very angry about it because it is a problem we face in our daily lives. Most of the time, people will spend a lot of their time on roads. A good example of this specific issue is the traffic congestion in Los Baños, Laguna. Ever since we settled down here, we often experience heavy traffic along the way. That is why our government officials should have a plan in mind on how to solve this problem and

  • Effects Of Traffic In The Philippines

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    APLAYA, BAUAN A resolution to Bauan, Batangas Traffic 1.0 INTRODUCTION Philstar Headlines reported that the Philippines is fourth among Asian countries and ranked ninth in the world in terms of negative traffic situations. (Diola, 2015) Every city has to deal with huge volume of cars, trucks, and other means of transportation running on highways. This is the major reason why traffic problems occur. From an essay entitled “Cause and Effect Essay: A Traffic Problems of a Big City” says that as the population

  • Causes Of Traffic Congestion

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    Traffic and Psychology: Is Drivers’ Mind Causing Traffic Congestion? Have you ever encounter a traffic congestion when you feel like there is no reason for it? Severe traffic congestions are found in many well-developed cities like London, New York, Beijing, etc. Traffic jam is very serious despite the numbers of cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles are under management, and road construction and traffic regulations are planned. Poor management of the traffic system may be one of reasons, however

  • Essay On Traffic Hindrances

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    are also road and traffic hindrances. These are common in recent times and there are usually schedules in which the fixing are due to give way to the rush hour and more early times of the day. The workers prepare to start at around 9PM but the setup at the middle of the road still causes a bottleneck area as cars move from 4 lanes to 1 or 2 in the case of Fairview. Car crashes are one of the most common causes of traffic, most of the accidents occurring already while within a traffic jam. Overtaking

  • Reflection On Traffic Stops

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    The choice of topic for my presentation was on conducting a traffic stop. I will be talking about the reflection on myself on the buildup on my presentation. It will be starting from scratch from the topic all the way to presenting about my topic. I will be discussing about the topic I decided to choose out of any other topics I could have chosen. The reason that was conducted during the making of my power point and my own self knowledge about the topic itself, and many other reflections about the

  • Traffic Congestion In Singapore

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    Introduction Overview Traffic congestion has become one of the plagues of modern life in a big city (Arnott & Small, 1994). It plays a significant factor in the transport system performance evaluation and affects the transport planning decisions. When a road reaches its maximum capacity, each additional vehicle imposes an additional delay on others – resulting in an economically excessive traffic volumes. This involves the rising cost of incremental delay, pollution emission and stress that resulted

  • Traffic Congestion In School

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    Introduction Traffic congestion may be defined as a condition, which occurs on transport networks, which causes traffic to move at slower speeds, as the roads cannot handle the number of vehicles travelling on them. Traffic congestion has become a problem for commuters travelling to school or work during peak time traffic. The daily commute for parents and learners has become a long, tedious one, and often extremely frustrating due to traffic congestion. Peak hour traffic becomes a nightmare and

  • Essay On Traffic Jams

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    Traffic jams in the world today is one of the biggest concerns. Traffics jams might even lead to death of people in case of serious situations. Not only ambulance but the other emergency vehicles like Fire Brigade trucks and Police cars tend to get stuck in jams. These different emergency vehicles which get delayed due to traffic jams might result in loss of many lives [1]. With the help of our system all the red traffic light signals will be turned to green in order to provide a clear way for the

  • Essay On Traffic Control

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    Abstract— To make traffic light controlling more efficient, we exploit the emergence of new technique called as "Intelligent traffic light controller". This makes the use of Sensor Networks along with Embedded Technology. The timings of Red, Green lights at each crossing of road will be intelligently decided based on the total traffic on all adjacent roads. A present aim of study on Raipur area is to manage the traffic requirements and its goals is achieve in different locations as per Indian road

  • Essay On Traffic Congestion

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    4. CONGESTION Congestion is a condition on networks that exist as excessive fullness where the state of being overcrowded, especially with traffic or people. It is easily to recognize as roads filled with vehicles such as car, trucks, and buses. Sidewalks which filled with pedestrians also defined as congestion on the roadways. In the transportation realm, the congestion usually occurs when the increases in demand on vehicles by the road user become higher as increasing use of privately-owned vehicles

  • Essay On Traffic Signs

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    Different Methods of Detection and recognition of road traffic signs Bhakti Deshpande1, Prof. R. U. Shekokar2 1P.G Student, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, RMDSSOE Pune, India 2Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, RMDSSOE Pune, India Abstract — Driver Assistance Systems refer to various high-tech in-vehicle systems that are designed to increase road traffic safety by helping drivers gain better awareness of the road and its potential hazards

  • Traffic Jam Problems

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    Do you think traffic problem can be solved? This is a very important and annoying issue in these days. There have to be a solution for traffic jam because there are one billion cars in the world and now a days people use the car for every thing even if the destination was one block away. People have to start sharing cars like is there is three individuals work in the same place and they are close to each other they can ride one car instead of thee and to encourage them we can make one line for the

  • Traffic Flow Theory

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    perturbations in traffic flow, such as sudden deceleration of vehicles, or the non-uniformity of the flow entering a highway from an on-ramp, may, under circumstances, lead to stop-and-go waves traveling upstream, or traffic jams, resulting in considerable time-delays, increased fuel consumption and air pollution, as well as a serious under-utilization of the available infrastructure. Consequently, traffic flow stability analysis is considered to be one of the fundamental tools in traffic flow theory

  • Traffic Congestion Case Study

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    intersection by using traffic management. A traffic signals are the most effective as well as an economical method and flexible active control of traffic and is widely used in many major cities worldwide to improve congestion for further improvement purposes and to make the perfect plan for the road stretch when coming from Chandigarh side towards landran. The increase in traffic volumes at staggered junction intersections is one of the important problems that makes difficulties in the traffic movement then

  • Traffic Abortion: Causes And Consequences

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    this study identifies how traffic congestion is formed and what are its contributing factors. Traffic jams refer to the delay caused by dealing between vehicles on a freeway, specifically as traffic volumes approach a highway 's cubage as stated by Litman (2015). The streets of most cities and even the secondary roads are often clogged and the matters of traffic congestion became so severe that the economy is affected. According to Macairan (2015), there is horrible traffic on the highways. One contributing

  • Short Essay On Traffic Jams

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    city because of traffic jams. Traffic jams are an important problem in many modern cities around the world. When populations increase the number of cars is increasing. Therefore, traffic congestion is growing. Traffic jams lead to a loss of time for people, the loss of opportunity, and nervous tension. Most traffic light controllers are fixed-cycle controllers, in which all alternative traffic light settings get a particular time-interval for being green. [1] In the fixed time traffic light control