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1.Introduction In massive events like a football match, emergency situations may occur at any moment. Because of this emergency services should work along security to establish a safe and healthy event. Emergency services should design a plan to create a safe environment after and before the emergency. In the football match, athletic injuries can happen unexpectedly yet they are very common in such event Therefore, emergency services should prepare an emergency program and medical coverage to insure the health of the people attending the events, this report illustrates the emergency plans, how they respond and help to create an efficient outcome. 2. Literature Review According to Sophia Greer et al., Medical executives of emergency medical services (EMS) are a crucial part of the emergency care system, because they are able to make sure that the EMS are well coordinated and that the…show more content…
Problem: Emergency equipment: According to Sport Medicine International, all the necessary equipment should be available during the event and easily accessible. Observing and recording how much and what kind of equipment needed for the event is extremely crucial, as knowing that, emergency services can accommodate excellent services in emergency occurrences. 3.1.1 Solution: Correspond with the event manager to know how many people will be attending the event prior to the day, in order to have a sufficient supply of medical equipment that would be able to cater to the amount of guests involved. 3.2. Emergency response In order to save lives, it is important to know how to respond in emergency situations ( Emergency services must act fast to save lives because in some emergency cases time is of the essence. 3.2.1. Solution Train the staff before the events and emergency services should prepare the plan of the place with all details because with plan emergency can respond faster. 3.3.Emergency preparation before the

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