Emerging Adults As A Distinctive Stage Of Development Essay

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Emerging Adults as a Distinctive Stage of Development
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University Affiliation Emerging Adults as a Distinctive Stage of Development
Emerging adults is a phrase coined to depict the transition age between adolescence and full adulthood. Emerging adults are easily perceived as lazy and partly irresponsible when compared with the baby boomers. Nonetheless, emerging adults are a development stage in life rather than a brief transition period as one may be inclined to believe.
Firstly, emerging adults are characterized by a need to identify themselves (Arnett, Zukauskiené, & Sugimura, 2014). Mainly, these emerging adults seek to identify who they are and what they want to achieve in life. Such exploratory tendencies drive them to reconnoiter work, love, and school-related aspects, which may explain the rationale that older individuals may perceive as laziness. The speed by which the group transitioned from adolescence to adulthood was much faster. In part, lack of schools and college education for most people, particularly the females, hastened the transition. People got married at an average of 21 years as compared to the current 28 years. Once married, a person took full responsibility for raising a family that …show more content…

In many cases, these college-going young adults tend to live with their parents much longer than the ones that were born in the 1960s. Since they have to pay for tuition fee and attend school, these emerging adults have little time to work and earn a decent living. In other cases, these emerging adults are forced to live with their romantic partners or friends. Consequently, the emerging adults stay longer prior to autonomy. The older generation may perceive this status as being lazy, but the purported sluggishness should be contextualized to this

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