Pros And Cons Of Abolishing The EPA

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STUDENTS NAME: PROFESSOR: COURSE TITLE: DATE: EPA SHOULD NOT BE DISCOUNTINUED The United States Environmental Agency (EPA) is the agency in the federal government of the United States which deals with the protection of the human health and the environment. It writes and enforces laws based on the laws that are approved and passed in the congress. In Feb this year, abill to abolish the agency was introduced in the congress but due to the following reasons the EPA should not be abolished and discontinued; The agency is charged with the mandate of converting the broad laws passed by the congress into regulations and programs that are easily understood by the public. Some of the laws are not easily understood by the average citizens of the United…show more content…
This will only happen if there are there effective laws put in place and implemented by the government. This effective laws made by the congress have been converted into rules and regulations by the EPA limiting industries and individual persons from degrading the environment that would be otherwise productive. These rules ensure a clean atmosphere and an ecosystem that lead to the growth of the agricultural productivity. Currently, the EPA is doing a good job in ensuring that all these…show more content…
Protection of the atmosphere is each and everyone’s responsibility. This begins first with the people being aware of what their mandates are. They are supposed to know what their responsibilities are. During the creation of the EPA, the agency laid out their mission and visions where one of them was to teach people about their own environment and how they are supposed to protect it. It has made it possible for people to learn about their environment through their site and through various meetings and seminars. This has made it possible to narrow down the protection of the environment to individuals hence making it easier and possible for a wide are

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