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Fish hook is a tool that we use for catching fish. It stucks in the mouth of fish and then we can catch them. The fishing hook is one of the most important devices for catching fish. Fishing hooks have been made of wood, human and animal bones, shells, horns, stone, bronze and iron over the centuries. Now they are either made of high-carbon steel or stainless still. Here are some different types of fishing hooks.
J hooks
J hooks are the very common type of hooks. They are the oldest model and are the number 1 in the fisherman’s choice. They are usually molded with lead or different heavy metals. They look similar like the letter “J”. That’s why we know them as j hooks. They have a very straight shank. When the fish bites upon it, it hooks itself …show more content…

These hooks are very nicely made of wire. Companies use light wire for making these hooks. These are perfect for small-sized baits. They can easily penetrate the small bait and can set in the fish’s mouth.
Bait holder hook
Bait holder hooks is compatible for holding live baits. Baits like leeches are very slippery. They can easily slip down from a normal hook. Bait holder hooks have longer shaft with barbs than others. The existence of barbs on the shaft helps to keep the baits securely hooked. The longer types of bait holder hooks are very effective hooks for those young children who are learning how to fish.
Double hooks
Double fishing hooks have a single eye which is solidly merged with two shanks and points. These hooks are completely formed of a single piece of wire. These are a kind of traditional hook for Atlantic salmon flies. Without that, they are uncommon. Double hooks are very much effective for using in a trailer-hooks setup or soft plastic baits such as floating frogs.
Aberdeen hook
It’s the hook with long thin shank. It’s a very popular choice among those fishermen who go for smaller species. The long shank helps to remove the hook from the fish quite simply.

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