Essay On Gender Inequality In Bangladesh

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Have you ever been discriminated because of your gender or the way that the society looks at you? Such discriminations exist because of the influence of globalization, where gender inequalities are applied to women in areas such as health, education, employment, and political freedom. These have set a different living standard for each and everyone who lives in this world. Experiencing discrimination because of your gender and the way society looks at you is what one usually has to face at one point of their life or another. Being incapable of doing something, not physically strong, not considered human, and being ignored, are how women treated. Cultural and traditional beliefs have deeply influenced the way women are treated in Bangladesh. Masculinity, male’s superiority and cultural beliefs that limit rights are the main factors that drive on gender inequality in Bangladesh.…show more content…
Therefore, the society in Bangladesh has set the expectations for women to be the ones to take care of children. Being caring and nurturing shows femininity. For this reason, men prefer to work outside rather than working at home. Women are often looked down by the society for not being as strong as men. Such prejudice psychologically affects women and makes them think they are not able to do harsh jobs such as carrying cargos, lifting crates and plowing. Men are more favorable because they are physically stronger and this lead people to assume that there is a higher chance of men protecting women. According to Unicef (2008, Background, para. 1)“girls are often considered to be financial burdens on their family, and from the time of birth, they receive less investment in their health, care and education”. Masculinity has been a case of gender inequality in

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