Essay On Greek Culture

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Rafael Santos
Professor Van Sickle
CLAS 1110
March 8, 2018
Essay 1: “Greek ideas of gods & culture” Throughout human history many has participated in multiple forms of knowledge, culture, and religion. As time goes by some of these old forms of information are found obsolete by the information of the new age. This new found culture sometimes completely refutes previous info and causes its people to look back at it in disdain and disgust, but in some circumstances we cherish our previous history. This preservation of history and culture is exactly what the Greeks have done. The Greek culture, even reflected in their own readings, has displayed the importance of passing down history by word of tongue or primarily through stories. This method …show more content…

This smithing god was extremely significant because he reflected the war type culture of the Greeks, to which they devoted their praise to in order to bring them success in battles. In one example “Hephaestus was called upon by the mother of Achilles “Thetis” to craft another shield for Achilles due to the loss of his armor by Patroclus in battle.” This shield was crafted elegantly and expertly to defend Achilles in battle with multiple folds in it as a reflection of Greek culture. The first fold of the shield “herein he wrought the earth, therein the heavens therein the sea, and the unwearied sun, and the moon at the full, and therein all the constellations wherewith heaven is crowned” (Homer). This part of the shield reflected the power of the cosmos at the core of his shield. The next fold was “fashioned he also two cities of mortal men exceeding fair” (Homer). This part of the shield depicted war, where these two cities were besieged and assaulted by armies to be taken over. The third part of the shield represented the harvest and its process. The fourth part of the shield displayed cattle and sheep perhaps reflecting the dependence of Greek culture in meat. One part of the fourth fold being of dance which reflected how Greek warriors were also the dancers for the entertainment. Where their dance completely reflected their skill in battle, a terrible warrior was a terrible dancer and vice

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