Personal Narrative: Growing Up Without A Father

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You would think that trying to paint a picture in your mind of someone you seldom know would be hard but it’s not. Do you want to know why? It’s because they are a blank canvas that does not need to be drawn. Regardless of whether you are a male or female you have two choices when it comes to growing up without a father. The first option is to be a component of the statistic and the second option is to not be a component of it. I chose not to be a component of that label or statistic. A straightforward word like father could bring up so many images in your mind. A father is supposed to be his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero. Most people think of a father as a strong, supportive, loving and caring male but my picture was painted totally different.…show more content…
I would see my friend's dad take them on dates, pamper them, and show them the love that they deserved. I always wondered is there something wrong that I'm doing to not get treated like that. Even though I was a little girl I observed so much and had so much common sense to be a child. A lot of people fail to realize that kids pick up and observe things that you would think they have no understanding about, but they do. All of my life it has always been just me and my two brothers and our mother. Our mother played both roles by herself because our father was never around, she will forever be my black queen because she held us down. She is the only parent we know and have. There were plenty of nights I cried on her shoulder because he was never there and did not want to be. I guess the boys did not care because they did not show it as much. There were plenty of days I packed my bags waiting for him at the door, but he never
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