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Nothing is more basic than the set of laws and rights that U.S. Constitution provides for us as Americans. But very few people know where the Founding Fathers actually got their inspiration. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. constitution was heavily influenced by an old Indian Confederacy born in the mid-16th century. This confederation, however, is the mighty Iroquois Nation, who has been living by their own constitution, unified in peace, for over 800 years. The founding fathers were brilliant men, and yes, they were very intelligent, but they did not just pull words out of their rear ends and write it down on a piece of paper. The most basic truth is that the Unites States Constitution was based on the Iroquois Constitution …show more content…

He wanted the Indians to move away from fighting and eating each other, and civilize themselves in a peaceful and righteous manner. Some historians say this process may have taken up to forty years to get the tribes to finally agree there had been enough bloodshed, and to come together as one nation. The Five Nations of the Iroquois was established around the year 1450. In 1712, the confederacy allowed the Tuscarora tribe to join them, changing its name to Haudenosaunee, which means “six separate Indian nations.” Spiritually, the Iroquois practiced a religion of love. There is supposedly this God, or Great Spirit Tarachiawagon (“Holder of the Heavens”), to which they believe cares for his people, and asks them if they also care for one another. As a result of their love and respect towards each other, there is a lack of crime throughout the nations. There were no police, or law enforcements, and they didn’t need them because the laws were rarely broken. The Iroquois people feared disapproval. The only two crimes named that were both punishable by death were theft and murder. Violence provoked by a drunk was overlooked, because they believed that when you were under the influence, a power took over their human

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